(Impatiently) Waiting…

I had a bunch of tests done a few weeks ago (doctor’s orders) – like seriously, everything under the sun. I figured if these tests don’t get me some of the answers I’ve been searching for, then it might be time to give up.

My healthcare providers have an online thing called MyChart, which means I get to see my test results as soon as they’re posted! Good? Bad? I’ll let you decide. Anything out of the “normal” range gets posted with a big red ! next to it. Cue the anxiety. And the googling. What do I have?!  What does this mean?! What do I do about it?! Why hasn’t my doctor called me yet?!

So I know that I have a bunch of tests that came back “abnormal” but I have to wait for my appointments with my respective specialists to figure out what these results mean!! HELP!